Phone Repairs !

We provide a same day phone repair service for smart phones and tablets at component level, including broken screens, liquid damaged tablets and most other problems.




  • Smart phone Screen Replacement

    A broken screen is your most likely problem - just walk into our repair centre and we will replace it that same day.


  • Liquid damaged Phones

    Accidentally spilling liquid on your phone causes serious damage.  If come to our repair centre, or give us a call, we can certainly help.


  • Smart phone Board Repair

    Whether your phone is completely dead or just showing intermittent faults, we can probably fix it.  And we try our best to keep within your budget.  For instance, unlike other companies, we don't replace the mother board, but repair the main board at component level. 

  • IPAD Screen replacement

    Just let us know the generation of your Ipad and we will give you an instant quote and same day screen replacement service at very reasonable cost.

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