We are a computer repair and IT solutions provider company.  Our hard work, experience, knowledge and commitment guarantee you excellent service.
We know how important your computers, pc's, Macs and IT equipment are to you.   And we understand the problems you face when they break down.
Our average problem- solving time is less than 24 hours - far better than any of our competitors!



After ten years in business, we have every confidence in the skills and services of our highly qualified engineers.  We try to fix your equipment rather than replacing the parts.  You will not be charged a single penny if we don’t fix your equipment.




We have introduced a number of new ideas into the computer repair and consultancy industry. 

We give a free,
on-the-spot diagnostic service when you bring your equipment to us!

We don’t charge a single penny if we can’t fix it!

Either bring your equipment to us or we can come to you, whichever suits you best.  Please call us on 0800 043 5145 / 0208 520 2909 for more information.



Our policy of providing the best possible service, giving an honest opinion and trading fairly has gained us innumerable satisfied customers, who remain loyal to us.  Visit our testimonials page  to find out what they say about us.



We keep on good terms with our customers by providing the best service and saving them money.

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