Problems with your Apple Mac?

We can help! We are specialists in everything to do with Macs, from minor software issues to major hardware problems. And, unlike other repair shops, which remove the faulty part and replace it with a new one, we keep your costs down by repairing it. The most common problems with Macs are listed below. If there is anything else that is worrying you, please contact us and we do our best to sort it out quickly.

  • Mac Logic Board Problems

    Logic board is the main part of any mac, in most cases processor and graphics are part of the logic board - if it goes wrong, it is expensive to replace so we mend it for you – and save you money!


  • Mac Screen Problems

    Although Macs have very good quality screens, they can be broken accidentally.  The Computer Shop has the expertise and experience needed to replace screens on all Macs.


  • Mac Liquid Spillage Problems

    Because your Mac is not water proof, spilling liquids on it by accident can cause serious problems. Liquids penetrate the keyboard and can cause all sorts of damage, including to the logic board. We repair liquid- damaged Macs rather than replacing their logic boards, which keeps your costs down.

  • Mac Faulty keyboard Problems

    A broken keyboard or touchpad is another common problem caused by liquid damage or by careless usage. We can replace the palm rest touchpads and keyboards of Apple Macs, whatever their age.

  • Mac Over Heating Problems

    Macbooks can become overheated with the passage of time. The fan can become noisy, be blocked by dust or simply stop working. We can fix most overheating problems at a very reasonable cost, as well as offering a same-day service for this.


  • Mac OS Problems

    Sometimes Macs become dysfunctional because of OS problems and often these are combined with a problem in the actual hard drive. We fix all kinds of OS and hard drive problems, including data recovery. Our same day service is also available for these.


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